Other Services

London Power Flush

Additional Services

  • Diagnostic Services In cases of severe internal corrosion where the cause is not immediately apparent, we will analyse your system configuration to identify the problem.
  • Pipework Upgrades If the system corrosion has been initiated by poor system design, we can undertake any remedial work necessary to correct the problem.
  • Radiator Replacement We can supply and fit replacement or additional radiators.
  • Radiator Valve Replacement Current regulations specify thermostatic radiator valves. These valves control the temperature of each room individually and save fuel. We can upgrade your whole system or replace individual valves.
  • Pump Replacement - We can supply and fit new circulating pumps and replace pump valves where necessary.
  • Cylinder Replacement You may have an older uninsulated hot water cylinder. We can replace this with a modern unit which has a high efficiency heat exchanger and bonded insulation. The water will heat up more quickly and stay hot for longer.
  • Thermal Store If you wish to upgrade your hot water performance we can upgrade your cylinder to a Thermal Store, giving you mains pressure hot water.
  • Controls Upgrade You might have an older system where you cannot, for example, fully control the heating and hot water independently. We can modify your existing system to give you full programmable system control to current regulations.