Power Flushing

London Power Flush

The Power Flushing process

We use a low pressure, high velocity, high volume, dedicated flushing pump.We use specialist chemicals to loosen and mobilise any deposits and remove any stubborn coatings to the inside of your system then flush them out. The chemicals used to cleanse or descale your system will be chosen to suit your individual system requirements.The flushing pump has an instantaneous flow reversal feature to aid the process.Your system will be cleansed internally, methodically and thoroughly, pipe by pipe, radiator by radiator, including the boiler. Once your whole system has been cleansed thoroughly we refill with clean water.On completion we will add corrosion inhibitor to your system. We will label your system, confirming that your system contains corrosion inhibitor.

How long does it take?

This depends on the type of system you have and the number of radiators but we can usually complete the process in one day.

Will Power Flushing damage my system?

Power Flushing will not actively damage your system. Nor will it repair internal corrosion damage to your system. On rare occasions the removal of deposits may expose small leaks which had been blocked by the deposits.

We believe it is preferable to identify any potential leaks before they occur spontaneously.

Would you prefer that a leak waiting to happen sprang on Christmas Day?